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Christmas Presents This Year

Posted Dec 29 2008 4:45pm

Due to the house moving, I have been too busy to buy presents. I bought my presents for the 2 kids last month, when I took a day off on my birthday. They are really cheap stuff, less than 10 Ringgit each, and the kids love them very much!

Here is Ian’s present - boardgame set, with 15 games:

Ian's present

All this while, he has been playing alone, not knowing how to play with others. I have been looking for games for 2 or more players, and until this age only I dare to buy boardgame (previously too young to understand).

And this is Isabel’s present - ‘beauty set’, since she really like to play with my accessories. LOL!

Isabel's present

Here is ‘Santa Claus’s present’ - Trampoline! Finally got it from Direct Access on Monday. :D


They love it, but…. LOL they don’t know how to jump! They played with it for a while and got bored with it. :p I will continue to encourage them to play with it.

Hmm… while I tried on this trampoline, I realized one serious problem I have. My pelvic floor is terribly weak! During jumping sessions, urine could flow out uncontrolably. This is all due to birth giving, and because I didn’t know I have this problem, I did not really exercise that mussle. Good to realize now than too late…

DH’s presents were late, due to busy with house moving as well. Isabel got a Barbie doll (in Rapunzel), and Ian got a Doraemon (which he doesn’t like at all!). No photos, lazy to shoot now… :p

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