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Christmas gift ideas for the elderly …

Posted Nov 26 2012 2:54am

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“Do you worry about your mum and dad?”

With winter well underway, you can’t have failed to notice that the nights are getting longer and the days are getting shorter.

You leave for work and de-ice the car (in the dark) and drive home from a long day in the office (in the dark). Once the kids are fed and put to bed you can finally relax… or can you?

If you’re anything like me, you worry about your parents – even more in this chilly time of year.

Have they eaten today? Are they warm enough? What have they been up to?

Just some of the thoughts that cross my mind come evening time.

If you worry about your parents, then Christmas is the ideal opportunity to buy a present for them which they’ll not only love, it will help give you peace of mind too.

With that in mind, here’s five simple gift ideas you could consider if you want to make sure your parents are as mobile, and as happy, as possible.

Gift #1 – The mobility scooter

This is the most expensive present on our list, so don’t worry if you can’t afford to splash out on one!

Starting at around £500 for the most basic model, and rising to £5,000, there are literally hundreds of different mobility scooters on the market. Whether your mum or dad needs it to scoot about the house, or use it for long-distance treks to the shops and back, you really are  spoilt for choice.

If you do plump for one though, just make sure you have the right mobility scooter insurance policy in place – if they have an accident you’ll be able to get their wheels restored.

Gift #2 – The alarm

If your mum or dad is a bit unsteady on their legs, have you thought about a telecare alarm?

A telecare alarm is essentially a red button pendant that they wear around their neck during the day. Should they suffer a fall in the home, they press the button and an alarm is raised at a 24/7 contact centre.

They are then able to speak to the call centre through a remote device, or if they are too far away the call centre will summon an ambulance and notify you immediately. You

can buy a telecare plan for a few quid a week… it’s worth it!

Gift #3 – The medication dispenser

My Dad has real problems remembering to take his medicine.

After suffering a haitus hernia earlier this year, he has pill after pill he needs to take. I bought him a medication dispenser, which comes with the days of the week on it and

time of day, which really helps remind him when he needs to take his pills.

It’s a simple plastic box, but it avoids the need to have to call him up to remind him! You can buy a medication dispenser for just a few pounds.

Gift idea #4 – Grab rails

This is probably the dullest gift idea on our list, but believe me, it’s the most useful.

Does your mum or dad have problems getting in and out of the bath? Get a grab rail.

Does your mum or dad have problems walking up the steps to get into your home? Get a grab rail.

Does your mum or dad need a hand getting off the toilet or out of the chair? Get a grab rail.

Seriously, these things make such a difference when installed. It doesn’t take a DIY genius to drill a few holes into the wall and screw them in, but you can be sure it’ll make their independent living a whole lot easier.

Gift idea #5 – Grippers

Our final idea for a present is a gripper product.

If your mum or dad has problems drinking their cups of tea, or preparing or eating their evening meal, then you need to seriously consider buying them a gripper product.

I’ve called them grippers, simply because that’s what they help do – grip.

You can buy aids to help open jam jars, peel potatoes, move pans, open tins, pour hot kettles…you can even buy easy-mould knives and forks.

So there you have it – five top gift ideas for helping your mum or dad (or both) live independently. Whether you want to spend £5 or £5,000 – there’s plenty on offer.

Happy Christmas, from everyone at Chartwell Insurance

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