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Christmas And Time For Non-Violent Toys by Louise Wasa

Posted Nov 01 2008 10:44pm


Christmas is coming closer and many will start looking for toys. Some toys are regarded as violent but the majority are non-violent toys. If you have children of your own, Christmas can undoubtedly get rather hectic. So don’t get into a battle over the last toys on the shelf and remember that Christmas is about the thought and not about the price of the toys. If you are a smart shopper, you can save tons of money on toys for Christmas just by biding your time and shopping around. Another great way to find great deals on toys for Christmas is to buy online.
Since everything ends up in the mouth, at least for the younger kids, educational toys that are chewable or soft plush are favourites. Babies for example, need to experience different textures so vary the materials educational toys are made of. But even as the way toys are produced and what toys can do has advanced, the fact that children play with and can learn from toys has not altered.

Parents spend much time putting thought into what kind of baby toys should be purchased and what should be overlooked. As a comfort, we can now say that we know that so called violent toys compared to non-violent toys have no significant effect on a growing persons behaviour in the future. One may fell good though when you choose a simple wooden toy instead of guns and knifes.

Book are a great complement to ordinary toys. It is great for parents to read to their child, to show the child that learning is very important. Many books for babies and young kids may have pop-up characters, animals with fur that kids can pet, and flowers with a scratch-and-sniff scent. It is also important for parents to read to their children to introduce them to language and to give them ideas. Children learn best when learning is fun and their interests change as the child develops. Learning is also much more fun if it is associated with something that has already captured the imagination of the child.

Many times, simple is the best. To select educational toys that target skills and abilities for the actual stage is important. An educational toy that is too advanced may cause frustration, and one that is too simple will not be challenging enough to warrant attention. Most educational toys are non-violent toys.

Pounding toys are very popular at some ages. Trucks and dolls are often the toy of choice for younger kids. It is a mistake to believe that at this age dolls are specific only to girls. Toddlers, both boys and girls, love animals and dolls made of different materials. It seems that dolls are usually produced in the female form, but they have also replicated the male gender. Dolls may look human, but their characteristics and emotions are a blank sheet, waiting for our imagination to bring them to life. They are also regarded as non-violent toys.

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