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Choices parents have when doing art with their kids

Posted May 18 2012 8:53am

Most moms spend lots of time looking for activities to do with their kids when they are home from school. Some may like to take kids on trips to museums and galleries, others will make do with trips to local parks and others will give their children lots of arts and crafts activities to keep them busy. They may be mothers day crafts for kids or they may be crafts and art activities that don't have a specific goal.

There are actually a few choices parents have when choosing art projects for their kids to do. They can opt for the typical, copycat arts and crafts type of projects that can be found all over the web. Or they can choose to allow their children to be more creative and allow them to think for themselves. A third option is for them to concentrate more on art activities like drawing and painting as opposed to more standard crafts

What many parents don't realize is the detrimental effect copycat cat crafts can have on their children. Children need to learn how to think for themselves, to be creative and to take initiative. The problem with those standard crafts is that they don't allow for any of those things. They do not allow children to be creative, because how can you be creative when you are copying someoen else s idea. They also don't allow them to think for themselves or take initiative. When kids have to follow projects in a paint by number type of way, then there really is not room for thinking and initiative taking.

Another negative effect of standard, copycat crafts is that children are unable to develop a good self esteem when they make projects that look like all the others plus they cannot feel good about something that did not really come from their own creativity.

So if you really want children to work with art projects that are good for them and will enhance their cognitive and social abilities, then it is best to stay away from the typical, copycat arts and crafts and to look for ones that are more creative and open ended.



Faige Kobre is the creator of eduart4kids that teaches parents and teachers how to give children crafts and art that helps them develop great thinking skills, initiative taking and a great self esteem.

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