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Chloe Hope

Posted Feb 23 2009 11:15pm
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Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

I feel it's only fair, since my first Tuesday Tribute was to Taylor, that I should also acknowledge the girl in my life as well.

And let me just preface this by saying that my experience with Tay was the direct opposite of my experience with Chloe. You know, I just honestly believe, God is fair.

So, don't hate me. I deserved this.

Let me be clear that I DID NOT want to have a girl. Even with Taylor being as "energetic" (read: incredibly hard) as he is, it still seemed better than having a little high maitenance "me" running around.

But then I had Chloe. And instantly Chloe gave me hope. So we named her, Chloe Hope.

From the moment she was placed on my chest, she was calm and serene. She simply stared into my eyes, and from that moment she immediately stole my heart.

But then, it only got better. Incredible, magical things began to happen. All of which, I promise, were beyond my control.

The first night in the hospital she went 4 hours between feedings! We never heard her cry. She just opened her eyes, made a noise, and we would know it was time to feed her.

Oh, how I loved her.

So, we brought her home and she continued to sleep 4 hours, sometimes 5.

Incredibly, that feeling of love grew even more!

At one month, she was smiling. At a month a half, she was laughing. And all the while, the sleeping continued.

Deep deep love.

Two months came, and don't throw eggs at my house, but she was sleeping 12 hours every night!

It was then that her name came to fruition. It was especially then that I knew I was meant to have a girl.

It was then that I was so in love that I knew nothing would ever change the way I felt for her.

Now, I know, that come 10 years things will most likely change and the pain and suffering I caused my mom, will turn around and bite me in my butt. But, (no pun intended), I feel that this is a good beginning.

God gave me me this incredible beginning, so that we could establish such an incredible bond, such a deep love, that it would survive even the teenager years.

(Does this mean that Taylor will be an angel once puberty hits? Awesome!)

Anyway, I adore Chloe. She has such a sweet smile, such a sweet face, and such a sweet spirit. I'm honored to be her mom.

And I thought I didn't want a girl. I guess this proves, that while MOST of the time (especially when it comes to my husband) I am right, when it comes to gifts from God, He really does know best.

She has completed our family in such a perfect way.

© 2009 "Le Musings of Moi"
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