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Chivalry Is Not Dead

Posted Jan 05 2010 12:00am
You know how sometimes reading novels that are even remotely romantic leave you feeling a little sour, like, "Oh sure. I bet there are just TONS of guys out there that would rather stay up all night watching their beloved sleep than actually roll over and fall asleep too." This applies to romantic movies, too. I've noticed in romantic comedies, the heroine is often neurotic and controlling, but these qualities are portrayed as being endearing and quirky. Whereas in real life, most guys would watch a chick spaz out about, say, the difference between tap and bottled water, and then head for the hills on the next vehicle that comes by.

Um, ANYways, my point was that a few days ago I was driving behind this older couple in a van, and when we stopped at a light, the guy reached across to the woman and took her hand in his, very tenderly. Then he kissed the back of it, like a medieval courtier, before cradling it against his face until the light turned and he had to drive again.

Sweetest. Thing. Ever. Men, take note! Not only will this smooth move win your girl's heart at least temporarily, it will also cause women in other vehicles to sigh and swoon over your chivalry.
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