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Children Swimming Lesson

Posted Mar 07 2011 3:05am

We were so lucky to be able to grab a wonderful offer last month. $20 for 4 beginners swimming lessons. The moment I saw it, I grabbed two immediately! Actually, this lesson was more for Keatkeat than Binbin.

Binbin is such an amazing kid. To me, Binbin is a very talented child. Fast learner, great observer and excellent creator.

Under the unprofessional teaching of their dad, Binbin already knew how to swim a distance by holding his breath in a short time. But Keatkeat still struggles to keep afloat on the water after so long.

Well, it would definitely be unfair to Binbin if I enrolled his elder brother of 2 years, for this fabulous swimming lesson by the professional, and not include him. So these 4 lessons would be ‘fine-tuning’ lessons for Binbin and truly basic lessons for Keatkeat.

So how was first lesson?

My sis and I were doing live commentary while watching them. It was funny! There were only 4 kids in this group.
One was EXTREMELY unwilling, lots of whining and crying. From the photo above you can tell who was it. (sitting)
The other was very active but was a little afraid to hold his breath and put his head into the water. (back-facing us)
And not forgetting my boys, who were the so-called ‘advanced’ students in the class. (Extreme Left-Keatkeat. Hand on Face-Binbin.)

Here’s what they did in order:

  1. Sat on the edge of pool and kicked water.
  2. Held their breath and put their face into the water for a number of seconds.
  3. Straightened and lifted two arms in the air, with palms on top of each other, jumped a little and ‘dived’ into the water while standing inside the pool.
  4. Learn to use the surfboard, holding it the correct way.
  5. Swim with the surfboard.
  6. Played ‘go under water for the rocket’ game.

The kids kept saying “This is sooooooooooooo fun!” at the end of the short 45mins lesson. “I like the instructor.” “I want to come again.”

Oh you sure will, at least you must, for another 3 more lessons! I paid for it alright. *laugh*

Our aim is merely to see how far they progress at the end of the fourth lesson before we decide if we should let them continue and pay the full price.

Not forgetting to end my post by thanking my lobang queen sis for introducing this great offer.

Kids said “Thank You Ah Yee!”

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