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Children of the REAL Jersey Shore (Now with MORE zeppoles!)

Posted Sep 10 2010 7:13am

Septemberrrr Wake me up when Septemberrrrrr ends!

I love the beach this time of year.  The fresh, salty air is a bit chillier, which makes the water seem much, much warmer and, well, most of the Bennies (i.e., the cast of the Jersey Shore , mostly, ironically enough) have ALL gone home.

"When was the last time we were at this beach, again?!?"

I get it.  I was young, once (shuddup!) and could NOT wait for Friday nights, in the summer, when we'd head down the Parkway to  Seaside Heights and/or Wildwood Crest and sneak into bars study the bible, ALL weekend long!

"I remember, Momma, it was when we showed Dana the ocean!"

I'd forgotten.  Yeah, it really was the day we introduced my bloggy friend Dana to the ocean -- she's from Wisconsin !

"Has it been THAT long?!?"

Sadly, my kids have outgrown Jenkinson's Boardwalk .

Jenkinson's 1999 Glen's 1st trip to the boardwalk -- Jenkinson's 1999

It really is just the right size for little ones; ALL tuckered out by nap time (me, too) and we'd be loooong gone by the time the Jersey Shore night life , you know, woke up. 

"I thought that ride was SO MUCH bigger!"

Holly and Heather Jenkinson's 1999
Then, before you know it, YOUR kids meet the maximum 48 inches to ride and, well, you know, you can't go back.

"Can we get zeppoles?!?"

Yesterday, however, was a GREAT day to get out (considering, September also translates to, "school holiday," in Jersey!) and housewife is such an oxymoron, dontchathink?

Mmmmm....the view inside a big bag of zeppoles (pronounced as zep-poh-leez) or, fried dough, drowning in powdered sugar, if you're NOT from Jersey.

"Noooo, I want funnel cake!!!"

Funnel Cake
Mmmmm...of course...(or, auf-cawse, if you're from Jersey) there's ALWAYS room for funnel cake!!!

"Wanna eat it on the beach?!?"

Pt. Pleasant Beach
Bet you did NOT know we had palm trees, or blue skies , here in Jersey, right?  Are they real?  You know, I really don't know.

"This was really an AWESOME day, Momma!"

What we DO know is that there's SO MUCH more to Jersey than what some reality t.v. shows would care to admit, sort of.

"Too bad you ran outta money for the rides!"

Of course, it most likely will not be the one that my kids remember but, let's NOT go there...just yet...m'kay!?!?

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