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Child Abuse?

Posted Aug 23 2008 6:16pm

Child Abuse?

Child , Parenting , Toddler

My boy isn’t very happy.

Did I scold him? Nope!

Did I beat him? Nope!

Did I punish him? Nope!

Let’s take a closer look……

My easily-prone-to-accident-3-year-old had a fall on the steps yesterday. No, no, no….not the drama type, where he rolls down the steps…no…no…

He missed a step while he was going up the stairs and semi-glided himself down a couple of steps, with his shin hitting against the edges. SUPER OUCH!

The one on the top of the knee is already 3 days old, got it after a fight with Keatkeat.

Now he conveniently uses this particular bruise to remind his big brother of his less-love towards himself. - What a perfect excuse to get his big bro to give-in to him more than usual for the past few days. * Sigh *

To make things worse, he hurt his eyes last night when he was keeping the toys. The edge of a car-transporter hit the bottom of his eye.

It was so close!

Just 2mm away from his eye ball!

If only, if only, it was 2mm nearer! Oh My! I can’t imagine.

Now my boy has an ‘eye bag’ and its red! Yes, it swelled! Ouch!

Bruises like these can really be misleading! ‘Cos when I was at my parents-in-law house today (its sunday, remember?), my MIL thought I ‘abused’ my little Binbin! * Urrrrghhhh *

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