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Chico's Hospital Adventure

Posted Jan 05 2010 7:59pm
It was dinner time. Monday night. As usual, me and hubby would eat first and the helpers will feed my the kids. The other one feeding the boys and the other one, carrying Sati. Chico sits with us at times. After I am done, I took Sati and changed her diaper, hubby goes out to smoke and the helpers and my sister ate their dinner. It so happens that Chico likes to climb on the chair and pretend he is eating too. And so so, while I was busy changing Sati, Chico fell on the chair!

Hubby who has low tolerance to such things, started shouting, er, screaming, on how we were not able to prevent it. Chico on the other hand got a bump on the back of his head. After a minute or two, he started vomiting. That causes an alarm to us and so without much ado and without changing our clothes or carrying anything but a fare to the hospital, we rushed him. They say that when somebody got a bump on his head, they should not be allowed to sleep. Chico was so sleepy and we have to keep him awake. It was the longest travel in my whole life.

It was only a 5 minute drive from our house to the nearest hospital. During that moment, I thought it took us forever. Wild and scary thoughts keeps popping in my head. Chico keeps on vomiting too. And while the tricycle driver speeds off, in my mind I was cursing Ondoy, the insurance company because we still don't have our car. if we only had ours, we would have been in the hospital in a flash. I was really worried, no, SCARED. I was scared for myself because I don't what is install for me if ever something bad happen to my Chico.

And just like every hospital, instead of making you feel safe, they only worsen your worries. Upon arrival we were asked what happened and was told that Chico needs to be x rayed. So we went to their laboratory who told us we need to PAY FIRST before they x ray my kid. And just like the usual emergency situations, we don't have any cash with us. Hubby has to call back home and wait for the cash. Haaay.. The doctor attending us, talked to us again and so so. Apparently, he recommends that we have Chico be examined through CTScan, which they don't have. We have to brought him to Medical City, the nearest hospital that has CTScan. Goodness that hubby was able to contact a friend to drive us there (thanks a lot Les).

Medical City, an hour after Chico fell. While the nurse asked some details Chico threw up again, the 6th times since he fell. We were brought to a room then a general practitioner attended to us. After some Q&As he said he will refer us to a Pediatrician. After 30 minutes or more, a Pedia came to us and says that he needs t be xrayed. Another 30 minutes before he came back. This is what I hate at Medical City, patients are overflowing, their are UNDERSTAFF! So we came in around 10 PM and got out of the hospital at 1 Am. The only consolation is that Chico did not have any complication or internal bleeding from the fall.. hayy.. and we did not have to stay 24 hours in the hospital.

I hate Hospitals.

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