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Chicago Bans BPA (while the FDA moves at a glacial pace)

Posted May 14 2009 4:59pm

Towns, states and muncipalities are taking the BPA situation in their own hands. We’ve been talking about BPA in baby bottles, sippy cups and food containers for years. In fact, my first post ever was about this subject. And since that day I have reported countless studies, attempted legislation, and proposed bans of BPA.

Today Chicago added their voice, banning the sale of baby bottles and sippy cups containing BPA. What’s all the fuss about BPA or bisphenol A (in case you’ve been living in a remote village, or have been in the continual fog of new parenthood)? According to the New York Times:

“Some animal studies have found that BPA apparently accelerates puberty and poses a cancer risk, and, while the issue’s focus has been on the safety of children, the chemical has also been tied to an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes in adults. ”

Of course, the American Chemistry Council (read: large chemical maker lobby) tells Canada, Suffolk County, New York, and the state of Minnesota that they are all wrong about BPA. It’s just fine. Really. Trust us.

It is heartening that cities, counties and states are taking action about this. And there is legislation being worked on in Congress to ban BPA. But we’ve been talking about this for years. How long will it take before the U.S. takes action on this chemical, and the thousands like them that are untested and unresearched and are in most of our everyday products? It’s like putting a band aid on a bleeding gash. We need comprehensive chemical reform in this country that uses the precautionary principle as a guide. I’ll keep reporting and celebrating these successes, but I have my eye on the prize (and it I’ve been looking for a long time already).

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