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Chemical Sensitivities (MCS); Thank You Bonnie Hunt

Posted Jan 14 2009 5:59pm


Comedian Bonnie Hunt started her talk show Friday by sharing that she was handed a cup of coffee at a coffee shop that morning that tasted like perfume (the woman who made the drink was drenched in it).  She then talked about how many people are sensitive to perfume.  Bonnie followed this by talking about dryer sheet “exhaust”; how her dog hacks and coughs when she walks him by houses that are emitting it (through their dryer vents).  Bonnie got out the word to her audience that perfumes, fabric softener and dryer sheets are affecting people and using her sense of humor, she encouraged people to tone down their use.

I cheered out loud after she spoke out about chemical sensitivities. To hear a much loved and respected celebrity, with a wide audience, speak out on this subject that affects so many of our lives everyday, gives me hope.  Awareness brings action.  I can see some day in the not so far off future, the toxic chemicals in so many everyday products and their affects on health, becoming common knowledge.  I can see more and more safe products being made without toxins and an educated public choosing to buy and use them.

Bonnie haven spoken out gives me hope that those of us with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Migraines, Neurological and/or Respiratory conditions worsened by toxic chemical exposure, can walk out into public places and invite people into our homes without becoming ill from the toxins in the products people are wearing.

Thank you Bonnie for spreading awareness of chemical sensitivities to the millions of people who watch your show.

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