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Check-out: check. Check-in: not yet.

Posted Aug 16 2009 11:15pm

Sorry, sorry, sorry for the long absence!  Things have been so crazy here with trying to make the recently puchased short-sale property livable, while at the same time move ourselves out of the rental house and get that all cleaned and ready to turn over to new tenants.  The check-out is finally complete over there, and now I can turn full focus on our fixer-upper that we just bought.  It's pretty overwhelming because we have so much stuff (thanks, in part, to my extensive collection of every imaginable craft and art supply under the sun...I have GOT to downsize!) AND the kitchen and bathrooms are all going to be remodelled so I can't put any of the kitchen/bath things away. 

So please have patience with me as I struggle to pull it all together.  Hopefully we'll have a new kitchen in a few more weeks, and that will help tremendously.  For a family that almost never eats out, not having a kitchen in full working order is a very big deal, not to mention all the boxes full of all my kitchen things that we keep tripping over...

Not to make any more excuses for myself, but the internet we have in our new place is alarmingly slow, which makes any photo posting an arduous task.  Seems to be the theme of my summer, this slow internet plague.  I sound like a broken record, I know, I know!  Hopefully that will be remedied soon too, but there are bigger fires to put out at the moment.  So don't forget about me, I really hope to get back into blogland soon.  Thanks for waiting!

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