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Cheapest & Most Effective Treatment for Diarrhea

Posted Apr 15 2009 11:12pm 1 Comment

I was told a long time ago by my Uncle (whose family brought me up), a well-known Chinese Physician, that rice water can work wonders. I have very weak gastric since young, hence often getting diarrhea when the food is just slightly contaminated or prepared in an unclean place. So no BBQ for me in the past, my tummy just can’t take it.

I had forgotten that it was rice water that ‘rescued’ me from my sufferings when I was a tiny little thing, until I came across a thread in a forum. Being so young I never knew how it was prepared, but through that thread now I know. Here’s the method:-

It is rice water and not rice, that does the trick. I have found it
effective again and again. You take a handful of rice, wash them and boil it in a large saucepan with lots of water. Like three or four large glasses. Keep it boiling till the rice is cooked, like porridge. Then you cool that and drink the water.

If you are in a hurry to relieve
the ailing person, take the saucepan off the fire and dunk it in a
frying pan or basin of cool water with ice cubes if necessary. This gives the patient a chance to drink the rice water sooner and cure
himself or herself sooner.

When drinking the rice water, make sure there is lots of it. You have to
tell the patient that enough water must go in to line your guts from
throat to other end, all 10 to 12 metres of it. If you take rice, it
stays in the stomach. If you take broth, some of it may go into the
small intestine.

But if you take rice water, it will carry rice grains to every inch of
your small and large intestine to the end where the problem is.

I wasn’t a guinea pig. Its been used over and over again by my Chinese Physician Uncle on his patients who have financial difficulties and there is an article written by Professor Wong Hock Boon, the notable paediatrician in Singapore, who was also credited for saving the lives of 2 million African babies by this method.

Here’s the article if you are interested.

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One problem is that a high level of arsenic has been found in rice recently. Not sure that will help. So  make sure it's from a safe source. Not sure how to find that out so I avoid it altogether. Perhaps some other grain might do the trick.
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