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Chasing Pavements

Posted Feb 13 2013 8:28pm

Thursday already? ang bilis talaga ng araw! 

This got to be my most productive week since the year started. That’s in terms of chores and blogging ha.

Of course the house was a mess, as usual, but the thing is, I was able to finish my laundry and folded the clothes neatly. Although I still need to iron a few clothes, folding is what consumes most of my time. And that is one thing I cannot trust even to my mom. My OCD is not forgiving with untidy folded clothes (dapat mall like ang pagkaka tiklop no). There was 5 or 6 baskets of clothes to be folded and today there’s only one left..kaunting kaunti na lang at matatapos din! I had to finish that before I do out laundry this weekend.. weeh time management!

In terms of blogging, I updated a few blogs and now I’m off to doing some of my one day I wrote 20+ articles for 3 blogs.. sabaw na sabaw utak ko that day! And I learned that I should take more photos.. everything should be treated unusual.. lamang blogs din yan, specially if you’re under sheriff.. you will need all the topics you can get.

Aside from updating some of my blogs, I already updated the security features… back up and tweak Better WP Security.. changed passwords and log in details.. but I still can’t understand the plug in..I’ll have to ask my geek about it and will share it with you once I understand all the terms there. Nakakapraning lang with the plug in, I got notifications na ang daming log in attempts sa blogs ko.. parang mas maganda pa na hindi ko alam hahaha pero with all the attacks going right and left, it pays to be secured.

And with my productivity, the one who suffered the most is Adele.. yan ang aking national anthem the whole time I was writing articles.. Chasing Pavements.. in fairness, feel na feel ko talaga na I was chasing pavements.. and hopefully it will lead me to something :)


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