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Changing Your Life with a Simple Thought: What You Can Do to Get Back on Track By John Edward

Posted Nov 10 2010 7:29am

Author of Infinite Quest: Develop Your Psychic Intuition to Take Charge of Your Life

Consider how you react when things do not go “your way.” Are you quick to judge the situation from a negative or blaming viewpoint, or do you stop and think about the experience as a whole and what valuable lesson might be there for you to learn? How you program your experiences makes all the difference in the world. In my new book, Infinite Quest, I give readers a “metaphysical toolbox” of sorts, which they can use on their spiritual path. One of the first tools offered is a clear and definite change of perspective.

I was only nineteen when my mother passed over and losing her left me feeling very alone at the time. As I sat in my car looking up at my mother’s bedroom windows, I heard a simple message that I still remind myself when encountering any difficult situation. In that moment of grief I was given two options: Option #1: BE A VICTIM and spiral further into negativity and use whatever the situation is as the excuse, or Option #2: MAKE IT AN ADVENTURE and turn life into whatever good you can manifest.

Live Passionately and Be a Force for The Universe To Use. You can accomplish a lot, or you can stagnate and slow down the process. Ultimately your destiny is in your hands.  Often it seems much easier to just blame it on “the man upstairs” and say it’s his entire fault that these things are happening in your life. You could blame your parents or your childhood experiences, but as of today you know that your life is solely your responsibility and you no longer can use anything or anyone as an excuse. Take the time to make things happen for you instead of letting them happen to you.

Be the Best YOU Possible

Know you are capable of rising to any challenge.  You can start to realize that your free will is alive and kicking and it’s totally up to you how you choose to live your life. The more energy and effort you put into this experience the more you will benefit from it. It goes back to the simplistic boomerang theory of energy–what you project out comes back.

I am not trying to give you the impression that all you have to do is say a few affirmations and everything will fall into place. Both magic and change require commitment and perseverance to manifest. There is no quick fix and it doesn’t happen overnight. There is a conscious lifestyle shift that has to happen and only then can real change take place.

As long as you see yourself as a student of the Universe — eager to learn and willing to listen — you will continue to grow mentally and spiritually. Be hungry for knowledge and keep your mind open to whatever lessons you are meant to receive.

The spiritual results play out very differently for every one of us. It is important not to look for the instant gratification or the immediate reward. One step at a time. You will see, feel, and experience life through a different lens and that is the true prize. Know that the decisions and choices you are making today yields a more amazing tomorrow. Open your eyes and pay attention, but not just to people and situations, but what the Universe itself is whispering in your ears.

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