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Celiac Disease and Autism

Posted Dec 10 2009 12:00am
Since Kayla was diagnosed with Celiac Disease I find myself tuning in to reports, studies, articles, blurbs -anything really - that mentions Celiac Disease. Just like she when she was first diagnosed with Down syndrome I wanted to read and learn all I could about that as well.

In the November issue of Parents magazine there was a small piece that mentioned a connection between Celiac Disease and autism, which I found interesting. This wasn't saying a child who has CD is also likely to develop autism but instead a child whose mother has Celiac Disease has a three-times-greater risk of autism. It goes on to say Celiac Disease may be most dangerous in pregnancy when it's untreated because it blocks absorption of nutrients and can cause premature delivery and low-birthweight - known autism risk factors. This finding is from the July online issue of Pediatrics. I found more information in this article.

Speaking of Celiac Disease can I just vent my frustrations over it for a few minutes? I try not to complain about it because it's manageable and it's just a permanent change in your dietary lifestyle, but it sure can be frustrating as well!

Yes there a lot more gluten-free products on the market now to make it easier to shop, and restaurants are providing more gluten-free options and providing a list of menu choices that would be considered safe to eat ... but there is still so much more to it. Especially around the holidays when it seems there are so many functions you go to where food is being served. The majority of food Kayla can't have because they are cookies, crackers, breads, pastries, pies, cakes etc. It takes some getting used to the preparation of going out - finding out what is being served, and making sure my purse is stocked with snacks that she can have. I feel bad when I have to tell her "no you can't have that, or that, or that..."

I'm trying to keep it in perspective, though sometimes it gets the best of me and I just really, really wish she didn't have Celiac Disease!

12 Days of Giving day 9: I was in line at the store with several items in my cart. I noticed the gentleman behind me only had 1 item ... so I gave him the opportunity to go ahead of me ... which he really seemed to appreciate. It's neat how opportunities for giving present themselves in even the smallest of ways.

Day 10: Today the MOMS Club met for our monthly meeting and we were asked to bring items to donate to the Children's Aid Society; I gave a bag of Lucas's clothing.

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