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CD1 Again.

Posted Apr 27 2010 12:00am

  • Do not record your symptoms in FF. They will just give you false hope. You can have all of the symptoms and not end up pregnant.
  • Same holds true for temping. Stop temping once you know you have ovulated. Just start wearing protection on CD13 and call it a day.
  • Do not read on CD1. someone will announce their pregnancy...or in today's case..TWO people.
  • Watch Weeds. Weeds makes you feel better.
  • Do not get mad/angry/jealous/irritated with people who say "I'm so sorry" or "It will happen when it happens." or "God has perfect timing." They mean well. They want you to feel better.
  • Remember it is not a race. Who cares that people that are younger than you are working on their second, third, or FOURTH babies (see bullet point #3)? You will have the perfect baby at the perfect time.
  • As much as it feels like it, each busted cycle is not a reflection on you. You are not a failure.
  • You are a mother, no matter what anyone says.

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