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Caution: Children Should Come with Warning Labels review

Posted Apr 26 2009 11:33pm
Product Description (from )

Children have a natural tendency to explore, and their quest for discovery often takes them to unexpected places. While they may start out tugging on your leg, eventually making one leg of your jeans a few inches longer than the other, they ll wander from the task at hand and wind up in unfamiliar territory. I had never visited the space between the refrigerator and the wall until the day Sam got stuck in there. How she wedged herself in there, I ll never know, but I had to physically move the refrigerator to free her from her newfound confines. Then, Heather got her little head stuck between the rails of the banister. I also cannot explain how that occurred, but it is a phenomenon I believe should be added to the seven wonders of the world. The fact that we managed to pull her head out has to be the ninth wonder. Meridith got stuck, too. It s frightening to know that your child is stuck and needs you, but you can t pinpoint her location. The kids were outside playing, and their dad was with them, doing odd jobs and going back and forth from the garage to the yard. Walking out of the garage, he heard, Daaadddyyy! I m cruck! Right away, he knew it was Meridith, because she was the only one who mispronounced the word stuck. Meri was cruck, but just where was she cruck at?


I definitely enjoyed this book. It made me laugh out loud several times and I was probably smiling and nodding the whole time I was reading it. This would make an excellent gift for the mom-to-be or new moms in your life... but even those with slightly older kiddos would likely enjoy it. My youngest is 2 I still enjoyed it immensely! The book is absolutely packed with stories that every mom can relate too- it's always nice to know you're not alone :)
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