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Caterpillars and Chromosomes

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:25am
Caterpillars and chromosomes...sounds like a really odd combination doesn't it? Wondering what they have in common? I'll show you!

This is a scanned copy of a print out of Kayla's chromosomes. You'll see the big arrow pointing to her 3 copies of the 21st chromosome. In Kayla's printout they look pretty small, but I've seen other chromosome printouts where they are a little longer.

One mom (who has a daughter with Down syndrome) saw another child's chromosome print out and she saw caterpillars! Cute little caterpillars. The first 2 going one way, and the 3rd one going a different direction (which you can kind of make out with Kayla's print out too).

So what did she do? This creative mom made some artwork with her caterpillar idea "Go Your Own Way" - genius isn't it?

Becky has a whole line of "Go Your Own Way" designs on shirts, onesies, tote bags, etc, along with some other caterpillar-inspired creations.

Of course I had to order Kayla a tshirt. As soon as we opened the box Kayla was taking her shirt off and handing me the caterpillar shirt saying, "on mommy!" I, of course, obliged her, and she returned the favor by posing for a picture for me!

I also wanted to ask for some prayers for little Gabriel. Gabe was born with some serious heart conditions and has already undergone open heart surgery. On May 15 he will have another open heart surgery. Emily, of Lovely And Amazing is asking for prayers and good vibrations. Feeling the Love across Cyberspace
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