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Catch Up is Not Just a Condiment

Posted Jun 20 2013 12:00am

I feel like I've been remiss in a couple of areas, kind of leaving you hanging, and so I thought I'd do a quick update.

Or, maybe, you really don't care and it's all in my mind. Humor me.

Item the first - It's Garden! Update! Time!!!!

Catch Up is Not Just a Condiment
Herbs at the top, tomatoes along the right side, zucchini at the bottom, peppers and eggplant on the left

So far, so good. I've been less than impressed with the growth - virtually nonexistent - of the pepper plants, but I'm hoping that they will gallop along shortly. I now have 15 green tomatoes and 2 baby eggplants. I need to look up cilantro for some advice, and have been pleasantly surprised at the rapid growth of the zucchini and the pumpkin (below). Ask me again in a month and I will probably be crazy. 

Catch Up is Not Just a Condiment
Pumpkin on the left, blackberry "bush" - which is more like a stalk - on the right

Coffee - After two phone calls, one of which was supremely unsatisfactory and ended with me feeling like the representative called me an idiot - I received a replacement Keurig machine yesterday. I have high hopes. I hope I am not foolish for this.

Child weight issue - One of my underweight kids has dropped even more weight. It's to a level that is super uncomfortable. I would really appreciate your very best "put weight on" food ideas, recipes, and whatnot. 

Ballet class - The school is on a one week summer hiatus. I would have imagined that a sign would have been put up, or maybe it would be on the answering machine - but I got a call two days later, so I guess there's that. Next Monday is a new day, eh?

Snack bucket - They've been pretty good about it. In fact, I often have to remind my kids that they are *allowed* to snack. Remaining in the bucket today are - applesauce packets, fig newtons, crunchy granola bars. Everything else has been eaten. Of particular favorites? The string cheese, the diced pear cups and the chewy granola bars.

Is there anything else that I've forgotten to update? Any questions you want to ask? I'm open for questions.

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