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Carpet of Doom

Posted Aug 23 2008 10:25pm

While we love the home we just began renting, there is one thing that is truly unfathomable: Berber-like carpeting that has all the qualities of Velcro at best and barbed wire at worst. Examples:

  • I had to pry my watch, which has a Velcro wristband, from the floor after dropping it. The ripping sound was so strong I thought I had forever frayed the carpet loops. But no, the beast survived.
  • When sitting on the floor, I had trouble getting up because Velcro strips on the pockets of my shorts were stuck!

But the worst thing about our off-gold carpet is how this carpet shreds our feet. Somehow, this material grabs on to skin and won’t let go.

As someone who LOVES to walk around barefoot, I find this carpet out of the Twilight Zone. Fortunately, the stuff is only upstairs, and so far the kids seem unaffected.

I was about to ask if anyone else had run into, or in this case walked on, carpeting that shreds feet before finding this site :


I’m a new tenant in an apt with NEW Berber carpet. It is shredding the bottoms of my feet! A horror story for you. I have to wear slippers at ALL times or the skin on my toes and balls of my feet just shred and bleed. (gross, I know) Other than moving, what can I do so I can walk on the Berber carpet and save my poor little feet?

Thanks! Larry


My feet are constantly peeling, more like shredding. The skin will shred and dry out and it makes them bleed. I know I could cure that by wearing slippers, but I love to go barefoot. Have you ever heard of Berber doing that before? I am 45, and have walked barefoot in my house all my life, and I’ve never had this problem until this carpet.

– Donna

The website explains that the problem is not Berber, but the material – “polypropylene, often called Olefin or PolyOlefin” – used to make the carpet. At least now I know the horrible stains that are appearing out of thin air are not our fault. It’s commonplace in crappy carpets like this one.

I’m just relieved to know it’s not our imagination.

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