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Capture and Frame Your Child’s Growth In A Time-Lapse : Perspective Using GrowShow

Posted Aug 31 2009 10:08pm

Kids grow so fast–one minute you’re cradling them in your arms, the next they’re asking to borrow your car keys. GrowShow is a free, new, easy-to-use online photo service that automatically puts the growth of your child in a time-lapse perspective. Then, GrowShow gives you the option of placing the sequence of photos in a modular GrowFrame system–a frame that can grow as your child grows.

The light bulb for GrowShow went off for creator Trevor Elliott when his then four-year-old son Max ran into the room and asked “How many days old am I?” It was at that point that Elliott realized two things–just how quickly his son was growing up, and more importantly, that he couldn’t visualize Max’s transition from the little baby of a few years before to the loquacious, curious, little boy of now.

“I wanted to bring a new perspective to viewing family memories,” says Elliott, father of two. “We all have tons of pictures on our computers. We say we’re going to get around to sorting them, but never seem to have the time. GrowShow makes it easy to chronologically capture a child’s age progression–all from your desktop. You can share your photos online with family or keep them private.”

GrowShow enables parents to immediately and automatically have a visual time-lapse of their child’s growth, with no need to manually organize or remember dates. Automated sequencing detects each photo’s capture date. Parents can further refine the growth sequence by cropping, zooming, rotating and positioning each frame so the child’s face is uniformly centered across all photos.

From there, parents have the option to frame their child’s growth sequence using GrowShow’s GrowFrame System. GrowFrames are made of solid hardwood with powerful hidden magnets that snap together, allowing the parent to add new frames to the sequence as their child grows.

GrowFrame Squares each hold a 2.5 x 2.5 inch photo and can be mounted horizontally, vertically or in multidimensional configurations ($11.95 each). “There is almost no limit to the amount of squares you can add to the photo display,” says Elliott. “The frame literally grows with your child.” Another option is GrowShow’s Timelapse frame, with a 12″ photo sequence of six photos ($29.95), 24″ sequence of 12 photos ($59.95), or 36″ sequence of 18 photos ($89.95).

Each magnetically framed sequence is delivered fully assembled with a custom, built-to-order GrowShow age progression of the customer’s choosing. GrowFrames may also be purchased without a built-to-order sequence in the GrowShow Frame Shop.

For more information or to start a GrowShow, got to

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