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Can your ears itch?

Posted Mar 20 2009 3:59pm
Last week was--what can I say?-- interesting. I found myself a bit itchy and rashly on Monday. Nothing big, just some spots on one arm. Then the other. And a small annoying itch on my forearm. Tuesday? Another day and rash entirely. I was covered. LITERALLY. From head to toe in a hive like rash. At the time, it wasn't that itchy but definitely not inviting-looking. Hell, I had it on my face!

Being the vain person that I am, I canceled all my work meetings and headed to the doctor. That appointment itself was, well, one I wouldn't want to repeat (seriously, I was red from head to toe and the doc asked me to drop my drawers JUST TO BE SURE it was really on my legs. It was all over my feet for God's sake!), but I got medication. I got a half-answer that I was having an allergic reaction. Likely to food. But never mind I've never had a food allergy EVER. But, alas, I am veering off topic.

My days were riddled with head to toe breakouts, turtlenecks, jackets, and hiding out in bathrooms, as the rash would come and go. Nothing too bad UNTIL Saturday. Which, let me remind you, is 6 days later... and then the reality set in. The rash was getting itchy. And by itchy, I mean so-bad-you-want-to-scream-itchy. And it was everywhere. Hands, toes, legs, thighs, arms, and, yes, ears. I did nothing but complain, stand in the shower, and desiring to strangle the doctor who prescribed me this God-Awful steroid that was making more irritable than my natural state.

In the end, another 5 days later I am rash free. I am itchy free. And I am convinced it was no food allergy at all. A co-worker had a disturbingly similar rash. Her doctor said it wasn't contagious at all. No worries! But, I don't know, seems too much a coincidence for me. One that I am freaked out will land one of my kids into Itch Hell this week. So cross your fingers, and think thoughts of Calamine lotion for me. I don't want the The Peanut to be rash-ridden. I might just kill me.
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