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Can You Give Birth To An Intelligent Child?

Posted Oct 26 2009 11:00pm

I guess the opposite of that question is can you give birth to a dumb kid? Of course, it all depends on what you classify as intelligent or dumb! In reality, barring any birth defects, all children art born with the ability to learn. They have to survive. They learn very early that crying leads to attention.

We now know that certain products cause certain problems. Alcohol and other drugs can have severe affects on the unborn baby including learning difficulties. The chemicals in cigarettes are also thought to have side affects. Mercury from deep sea fish can lead to miscarriages and certain bacteria's found in foods such as cream cheese can also lead to a miscarriage.

Is the opposite also true? One mother, Jeannette Bolvary, has taken things to a higher level. A recent report on Today Tonight looked at food and whether or not women could give birth to smarter kids. It's an interesting thought and one that she has turned into a fairly popular book (you can obtain it through Amazon if you're interested).

Can leafy green vegetables, fresh fish, fruit and whole grains help the infant while it is still in the womb. I think we can all agree on one point - it won't hurt the baby. Can it make the baby smarter? Why not. Many of these same foods are recommended to help us think a little clearer especially if we avoid all the junky and supposed toxic foods.

There is no research behind any of this but common sense would suggest that simply cutting out toxic foods will make us feel better. The question is - which foods are toxic. One group will say that coffee is toxic whilst another group will claim it is full of anti-oxidants.

Smarter kids? Is it the food, or is it more a case of a parent wanting a smarter kid; eating the right food; but then spending a lot more quality time with the child to ensure they do learn things early. I wonder, if they could spend the same amount of time with a child after eating a junk food diet during pregnancy, would the child also show signs of early development. I think they would.

Having said that, good food is always going to be better in the long run and I am not suggesting you eat junk food all the way through your pregnancy. What I am suggesting is that sometimes we need to look at a broader range of factors when it comes to how intelligent out children. I worry when someone says - just eat this and you will have much smarter children. They could be right, the problem is some parent say great, I will eat this, my child will be smarter, I DON'T NEED TO SPEND AS MUCH TIME WITH THEM NOW!

It is quality time with your children that ultimately sets them on the right course. The food is just the fuel that makes your job as a parent a little easier. They are more receptive with the right food whereas junk food tends to shorten concentration levels. That is also the case whilst still in the womb.

I would be interested in your thoughts on this issue - does food affect the intelligence of the unborn baby?

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