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can you get pregnant two weeks before your period?

Posted by Lauris

I'm experiencing breast tenderness right now. I'm trying to conceive, so i'm really concerned about getting pregnant because I really want to be. Is it posible to experience this symptoms before missing a period?
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I don't know.  Fertility groups would be the best to know if this is emotionally induced or could be a possible symptom of pregnancy.  I've heard other moms that seem to know the day after conception.  Not sure if they really did or it was obvious in hind's site.  I think if your cycle is 21 days, that 2 weeks after the START of your last cycle is the best time to get pregnant.  But lots of women ovulate at different times, and LOTS of women know what it is like to feel the anxiety about getting pregnant.  I hope you find some support as you try and expect this new pregnancy! 




me and my boyfriend just had sex can i get pregnate if my period is in 2 weeks
to laddies1 ithink you can i had sex two weeks ago and my period is in a few days ppl have been telling me that thats you most fertile time...
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