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Can you feel the love tonight?

Posted Jan 05 2010 11:00pm
Honestly, when I started Le Blog, my only thought was....I need to write.
And then I thought, hey! Maybe other people will read it!
And ya, that would be really cool.

But, I never thought, ever....that I would "meet" people that could eventually become friends.
I mean....not that there's anything wrong with that...but, um....

{image of chat rooms, and closet freaks...and...}


Needless to say, it happened to me. I met a friend.
Several actually, and mush mush all I can say about them.

I guess God can work even through the internet.
Imagine that.

So, most of you know my affection for one such friend,
Laceyloowho of Lacey in Love.
I was drawn to her blog because of her incredibly sweet spirit. There is only kindness there....nothing mean, or icky, or yucky hearted.
Just pure goodness.
All in a, she doesn't even have to try, way.

Kinda not fair. Because she's freaking adorable too.

But you just can't hate her.

And to make things worse, she's a triple threat because she is INSANELY talented.
{just look at her etsy shop!}

I can prove it too....I mean, just look what she sent us for Christmas this year.

{In this adorably decorated package...}

{...was this shirt made especially for Chloe...}

{...and this shirt made especially for Taylor, which he put on IMMEDIATELY! And now wants to wear daily.}

And then....there in a little gold box was this ring:

{BBB rings...she has one too}

I know, can you believe the LOVE?

I got tears in my eyes when I received her package, because #1,
she went to the Post Office.
At Christmas Time.

I mean, that just shows how serious we really are.

And #2,
it was one of the most thoughtful things anyone has done for me....
and I just swoon over thoughtful things.

So, since one of my goals for 2010 was to become better at sending Thank You cards....
Consider this my first one of the new year.

Lacey, my love,
Thank you.
For the amazingly thoughtful and sweet lil gifts you sent.
And for your constant love, encouragement, and friendship.
You are truly a gift from God.


Mush mush.

© 2009 "Le Musings of Moi"
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