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Can't Wait For The Spring

Posted Apr 01 2009 12:30am
It has been one of those weeks.
The baby is whiny and clingy. His molar will not break through and it hurts him so much I just want to kiss his little red, swollen gums.

The twins were both a little sick and now L has that cough that will never end. I feel bad for him but sometimes you just want to yell "Stop that blasted coughing!"
I doubt that would make him feel better but it would make me feel better.

We had to go back to NJ and pick up the rest of our stuff and say goodbye to the house and neighborhood that we love. It was hard (made a little easier by a quick stop with the trailer to Wegmans!)

E is working and working and working away. He has been so busy with his new career and it is paying off. The business will even be featured on a TV show to air soon! More details to follow, I promise.
The work is good and in this economy to have any work is a blessing but I am still finding my footing here and sometimes without him all day and night, I get lonely and feel a little lost.
I am sure this will only get better now that spring is coming. I need some tulips to lighten my mood!

I have lots of plans for this spring. I am planing a huge garden, I want to plant flowers, I want to get some chickens (chickens! how fun is that?!).

Tell me what plans do you have for spring or what makes you feel better today?
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