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Can’t A Man Just Sit Around And Watch Some Football?

Posted Oct 20 2008 1:22pm

Photo courtesy: Vox_efx on Flickr

This past weekend was filled with birthday cakes, kids eating too many Cheetos, epic meltdowns and not enough football watching. That’s right – kids birthday parties own college and NFL football when your 3 year old has more of a social calendar than you.

We went to two different birthday parties this weekend – one on Saturday and one on Sunday. As much as I enjoy hanging out with the family and watching my daughter have a blast, when you schedule the birthday party at 2:00 in the afternoon, it really cuts into my college football time. Not only that, it also makes nap time a bit tricky and that can turn my daughter into a little bit of a monster the rest of the day.

The party on Saturday was at the Children’s Museum of Memphis and go figure – no TV’s with the game on. The birthday party on Sunday was at a house whose family is from England and France. They aren’t too into the NFL and therefore – no game on TV. Would it be bad to have a kid’s birthday party at a Buffalo Wild Wings or a Fox and the Hound? They have games, a full menu and rooms that you can rent out for cake and ice cream…and football on TV…it’s a win-win situation. I’ll make that suggestion to my wife for next year and see how that plays out.

Sure - there’s always Sunday Night Football to get my fix but I can’t get into the NFL like I can college ball. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching the games because they are faster paced and the teams are better rounded, but the NFL, to me anyway, lacks the passion of college football. Going from “wanting” to play to being paid millions of dollars to play takes some of the passion out of the game.

The main reason for this post: Next weekend we have two Halloween parties! And…you guessed it…one on Saturday and one on Sunday. At least the party on Saturday will be at a friends house who is a damn Florida Gators fan sports guy and I know he’ll have the game on. That still doesn’t mean that I’ll be able to watch much of the game seeing that I’ll be keeping my eyes on a certain little person who will be running amuck in her Sleeping Beauty costume.

I guess that’s one of the sacrifices you make when you become a dad. The man in you still wants to take part in the action, but the dad in you takes over and puts your priorities back in line. You just can’t sit around drinking beer and yelling at the TV with a 3 month old and a 3 year old. I know that one day, too soon, the house will be quiet and I’ll be able to watch all the football my brain can handle. But really - my girls are much better than any football game - I just can’t wait until I can get them to yell at the TV with me.

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