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can i use a glycerin soposrty on a 2 week old baby

Posted by coryo

i have a 2 week old baby that is conspated and was wondering if this is ok??
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Oh I hear ya on the baby constipation.  I think breastmilk is the best solution.  And I know they look horribly uncomfortable, but I had 3 that went through this...  Try the other tricks first - lay on the back and wiggle their legs so their knees come up to the chin, and back down flat and back up- they love this excersize especially if you are looking at them close enough for them to see your face.  Within 1 foot at this age, I believe.  Wiggling and moving are the best remedies and breastmilk.  Some try a little oil in the bottle if  you are giving bottles.  Just be careful there is no aspiration.  And I've (learned this from my mom) taken a little q-tip and vaseline and just gently surrounded the rectum with vaseline and tiny tiny bit inside, and that's worked for me.  Only one baby did I have to use a suppository.  Did you know that babies can go up to 7 days without a poop and that it is normal?  I had one that did that too!  :)  On day 5 - 7 we packed around 3 extra changes of clothing 'cause it was gonna be a biggie.  


The best person to contact about the safety of this would be your health nurse or pediatrician's nurse.  I find the pharmacists are busy covering their butts and don't recommend ANYTHING until baby is 6 weeks old.  Maybe you'll have better luck?  

Keep working at it, and know that you're not alone, by my experience constipation is a common concern among parents. 


Another Mother

It'snot normal for anyone any age to go for 7 days without "doing" - especially not babies.  Remember constipation (infrequent bowels) causes intestinal toxins to enter the bloodstream.   Make sure you get the baby-size suppositories, they're the safest way to quickly relieve a baby who hasn't done a smell for 2+ days.
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