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Can I Really Teach Reading To My Baby?

Posted Jan 15 2009 4:57pm
Like many people all over the world, your first impression may be one of skepticism. But what they don’t realize is, teaching their baby reading is actually very possible - in fact, it is both faster and easier earlier in life than later, because your baby’s cognitive development is strongest in the first three years of life! And if you still think your baby reading is some wacky, far-fetched notion, have a look on YouTube for Baby Reading Videos; you will see many babies reading before the age of one!

Research has shown that the opportunity to teach reading begins to slowly drop from around four years of age, and picking up such important skills becomes harder and harder as your child gets older, making learning a tiresome chore.

What this means is that teaching your baby reading at a later age is to deprive her of the opportunity to learn the game of reading at the age when it is best experienced – when she is still very young, when her brain processes its first concepts. Not only will it be easier to teach reading during your child’s early years, but it will also be a more enjoyable experience for her!

It is a common misconception that teaching your baby reading means forcing your little one to endure lessons against her will; in truth, most experts in early childhood education will always emphasize that if you teach reading to your baby, it should always be done in a loving and fun environment.

Introducing reading to your baby using different stimuli keeps things interesting and engages the right brain, which is dominant during the early years of life. Doing something as simple as incorporating sounds, colors and actions along with their written counterparts, parents have been able to teach reading to children as young as 9 months, with successful recognition of dozens of words!

Your baby’s lessons should only take place when she is receptive, and they should stop before your little one loses interest. If you can make learning an exciting and enjoyable time, you might just find that your child will look forward to reading sessions, and even try to prolong them!

As long your baby’s reading sessions are fun, your little one can more easily grasp the fundamentals of reading, during the most receptive period of his life. Before you know it, your child will be able to read at a level far exceeding the requirements of his school years.


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