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Cameron the Child Catcher

Posted Jan 19 2011 12:00am
David Cameron Whips More Children
There's an article in the Daily Mirror that caught my eye (OK, I admit I bought it because I wanted to read about Katie Price).


Born Broke: Grant cuts puts babies at risk

Cameron needs to save money and the nation is in debt, but what I don't grasp is his long-term plan for a better society? Children are our future society. Perhaps, I just 'don't get it'. Maybe I'm a bit 'Stoopid'. I'm open to suggestions.

Does Daffy Dave want to break everyone except him and all the non-SamCams-DavCams-and-DreggyCleggies?

When he takes money away from families is he actually saying: "I don't believe in the real value that average and low income families contribute to society?"  and "Let them eat cake?"

Real value contributions as in 'simply being people', and not in terms of wealth and money, but their actual value as caring human-beans entitled to health, and happiness, and security like their high-earning counterparts?

When he asks the nation to think about stalling on having children they can't afford, whilst adding to his own brood, is he saying: "I want to populate the nation with people like me and mine?"

What is the message he wants to send out?

I want to know what his wife, Samantha, thinks about the cuts and taxes that will impact average and low income families.

Imagine, Samantha Cameron, if you were trying to get your baby to sleep in a small house, it's cold because you can't afford the heating, the electricity has run out because you've used up the last of the emergency credit. Tomorrow, you'll be borrowing money from your child's piggy bank again to buy some bread. And your husband David Cameron is out God-only-knows where, and you fear that when David gets home he might just want to knock you and your swollen belly to the ground. You want to leave, but it's getting harder all the time.

Samantha Cameron is a wife, mother and woman - if she had any sense she wouldn't be servicing David for a while, he should be on a sex drought. Their time would be better spent sitting in bed reading To Kill a Mocking Bird, then trying to imagine what it'd be like to walk around in someone else's shoes for a while: tiring, sore and difficult.
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