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Call me crazy...or maybe just call me a mom

Posted Mar 02 2011 1:12am
Marija had her first taste of avocado yesterday. Franky and I were snacking on tortilla chips and mashed up avocadoes. I had Marija sitting up in my lap and she kept grabbing at my hands. She's only ever had a teeny taste of rice cereal twice and a pinky dipped in applesauce once. I dipped my pinky in the avocado and gave her a taste. She LOVED it. I think she may be ready for solids soon. Not ready enough to be spoonfed yet, I don't think, but ready enough to get a better introduction. I guess this time around I've been lazier because by this point Franky was eating many different kinds of solids. I think I was more excited to introduce solids to him than he was ready for them, haha!

I may start mixing rice cereal with breastmilk for her every few days because she's showing interest. At around six months I'm hoping to get either a Baby Brezza or the Beaba Babycook. The Babycook has had some negative reviews about mold growing in the water compartment, though, so I'm still doing my research on that one.

Baby girl is starting to sit up on her own lately. The longest stretch so far has been about a minute. So proud of my girl! She kinda bends forward and does her best to hold herself up. For a four month-old she does pretty darn good =) She also rolls back to belly if we're on the bed and has rolled belly to back as well.

My boy is quickly outgoing his 2T wardrobe length-wise. His pants and shirts are getting a little short but I'm trying to stretch his winter wardrobe out until the weather warms up and we can start buying him summer stuff. I'd just hate to get him 3T outfits just for him to wear them for a month and not fit again in the fall. I doubt he'd need 4T next winter cuz looking at it now is huge but you never know.

He's turned into such a finicky eater. Some days he eats well and other days he picks at stuff. We're blessed in that he's a healthy weight for as picky as he is. If he were a skinny little thing I'd be worried like crazy. I'm thankful he has meat on his bones and hope he stays that way. Maybe he'll grow up and be a football player ;-) But I'm betting on baseball player cuz little man can throw a ball like no other, haha!

He's still loving sleeping in his own room but he's turned into an early riser. He goes to bed that much earlier, which is nice for Ry and I cuz we get time to ourselves at the end of the night. Marija wakes up, naps and goes to bed at the same time as Franky, so that's been a huge blessing. I've tried my best to keep them on their schedule, especially Franky, cuz if I pass his naptime or bedtime by even an hour, he is crabby. He'll do fine but as soon as something sets him off, he's done and its meltdowns until we get him to bed.

Speaking of beds, he fell off ours twice yesterday while jumping on it. He bit his tongue pretty good the last time. The first time, he knocked his head on the dresser, cried for a minute, climbed back up and jumped again, despite Ry and I both telling him not to cuz he could fall and get hurt. He is a dare devil. One who will start getting timeouts if he doesn't stop jumping on the flippin bed. And I'm pretty sure I'm either thisclose to going gray or having a heart attack any time soon.

Call me crazy, but even with the video monitor set up in Franky's room, the short distance from his room to ours and Marija's Angel Care Monitor in her crib just three feet away from mine, I still check on them multiple times per night. I guess checking on Marija is too crazy cuz she's still an infant, but Franky is two and a half. Will I still be checking on him when he's 12? Or 18? My fear is of waking in the middle of the night and one of them won't be breathing. I think the odds of a car accident are higher than the odds of SIDS but it still scares the hell out of me...everything does. From SIDS to a car accident, choking accident, drowning accident. You name it, I worry about it. And pray about it, a LOT. As a matter of fact, I begin and end my prayers every night with something about my kids. Call me crazy...or maybe just call me a mom. A crazy mom ;-)

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