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bye,bye, fishy,fishy....

Posted Apr 25 2008 12:00am

We lost our pet fish the other day! He/She was the best fish a person could have. It was a VERY rare fish, a red hawk fish! Not only did it do what other fish do meaning swim around the tank, it also would sit. Yes our Red Hawk fish would swim around and then take a load off & sit on a rock. It was one cool fish! I could stand at the edge of the tank & call "fishy, fishy" and he/she would swim over. It was SO cute! Michael told me not to name it. He said once a fish gets a name they die. I tend to think he LOVED the name & felt we were complete now that we had the babe's! As everyone who has multiples already knows having them is time consuming! Maybe we were SO busy in our quad life that we probably did not pay enough attention to our dear pet. The babies were just able to stand up next to the tank & point to "mr Fishy". They really LOVED him. I loved him too & shed a tear when Michael told me that he was gone. We were lucky & there will not be another "Mr Fishy", we will most likely not replace him. I told the babies as we passed by his tank on their way to bed, say...

"bye,bye fishy,fishy"....

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