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Busy busy busy.

Posted Sep 26 2008 3:19pm

I have had a very busy day today and I swear I'll be sleeping well tonight. "The Hubby" and I had a discussion over the weekend and I have cut my 5K's down to five or six until St. Patty's day. It was a fun weekend too. Saturday we skipped out on the race because Friday night I was having some pretty bad pains and because of the pains I was pretty wore out and really didn't want to wake up at 4:30am for a race I knew I would have come dead last in. So no loss except for the registration fees. Saturday night "The Hubby" had his friend and his family come up and we hung out all night and had sushi with the kids and Sunday we had church and we had a sitter so we could watch the Packers game at Fox Sports Grill with some friends.

Today though it's been full because I ran "N" to school, dropped "O" off at a Mommy's Day Out (MDO) thing so I could get some cavities filled, grabbed "N" from school. We read together for a little bit and now I have to grab "O" from the church in less than an hour. I didn't get anything productive done. I think I might put her at the MDO which is once a week, just so I can have a few hours with no kids and actually try to get some work done. I have been a major slacker lately and I need to stop.

This week has just been crazy and tomorrow will be the test because there's a potluck at "N's" school in the evening and we also are going to try and make it to our small group too.

I got the results back from my Holter monitor and everything is normal, just like "The Hubby" said it would be. I do have to go in again for another follow up with my surgeon since I had the pains over the past weekend. Luckily the pains are gone but you never know right?

Yesterday I took "N" out for a bike ride and he rides so well. I feel bad for him because he is still on training wheels and it was really hot so we didn't go to far. We went far enough so he could play at the little park. He had a great time and he slept so good too. I really can't wait for winter to come just so we can enjoy the outside and our grill. I so love grilling I just hating cleaning it. We need to do that again before it gets nice out again.

Things have been a bit stressful here because of some things that I don't want to share yet but I'm just hoping that everything works out. Well, I need to go grab "O" from MDO so I shall really write more tomorrow.

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