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Bush Vetoes Domestic Spending,Then Increases Military Budget

Posted Aug 26 2008 5:02pm

President Bush made an interesting statement on Tuesday before vetoing a $150.7 billion bill on school aid, health care and other domestic problems: “Their majority was elected on a pledge of fiscal responsibility, but so far it’s acting like a teenager with a new credit card”

On the same day, President Bush signed a $471 billion bill that increases defense appropriations by 9.5 percent, reports the Los Angeles Times . And then he asked for another $196 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Look, I don’t know if the Democratic bill – which increased spending on these programs by 4.3 percent – was filled with pork or if it was a well-thought out plan. But the numbers tell a story: When you count the war request, Bush is spending almost $700 billion a year on military efforts.

I could care less about the Republicans or the Democrats: Families and children in this country are the ones losing out.

In the meantime, Bush has incurred one-third of the national debt during his tenure and the Democrats are still letting it happen. The current national debt stands at $9.01 trillion, which was below $6 trillion before he took office.

Our children will pay for this debt in one form or another: perhaps a greatly weakened economy or higher taxes and that’s what I find upsetting.

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