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Bruiser Rapson

Posted Nov 09 2012 6:47am

I made her pose like this. Yes, I am exploiting my child.

Tuesday as soon as Sophie walked in the door from school, she said, “Mom, um, something happened today. I accidentally punched Ellie (not her real name).”

Uhhh…accidentally? How does one accidentally punch someone?

Well. They don’t, turns out. After lots of coaxing, I got the whole story from Sophie. She and Ellie (Let me stop here and be frank. Ellie’s name has been changed to protect her because, quite simply, her parents did NOT follow the baby-naming guidelines set forth by Jenny’s Life Klass.) were fighting in Literacy Centers over a book. 

Hey, at least it wasn’t over a boy. Books are worth fighting for!

Ellie had the book and Sophie wanted it and Ellie got punched in the chin.

Sophie had to move her behavior clip down to yellow which is only like first-offense, so I guess she didn’t wallop her too badly.

At home, she had to write Ellie an apology note AND her punishment was no screen at all whatsoever for three days. No TV, LeapPad, iPad, computer, etc. Let me tell ya, that hit her where it hurts! But hitting another child is NOT ok. I was both shocked and horrified when I realized what Sophie had done. I know she must’ve been really frustrated, because I’ve honestly never seen her be mean to another child. I’ve seen her have a disagreement, but never be mean or violent.

So, anyway, the next day, the note was delivered, Ellie forgave her, and all was well. She even wrote Sophie a note back that said they could still be friends.

Let’s hope Sophie’s retired her golden gloves for good!

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