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Posted Apr 21 2011 12:00am

Will there ever be a day that Cruz actually likes his brother? I have so many friends who have more than one child, girls and boys both, and the older sibling seems to adore their little brother or sister.

I know, I know. I shouldn’t be comparing.

But I find myself STILL wondering why Cruz hasn’t really warmed up to Rider that much? It’s been SEVEN MONTHS. He’s not horrible with him, by any means. I think he just doesn’t really understand, nor does he care. He’s not interested in him really, although, yesterday Rider started cracking up at something and Cruz thought it was pretty cool. Ha!

A glimmering speck of hope? I’ll take it.

It’s always been my prayer that our boys will be best buds. And everyone says, ‘Don’t worry! They WILL be best friends!’. But that’s not really a guarentee, you know? I’ve had many friends who don’t get along with nor do they like their sibiling(s). How can I as a parent MAKE them be best friends? Truth is, I can’t. But I really worry that they won’t grow up to be best friends. That they won’t grow up protecting one another.

There’s so much I’m learning about Cruz’s personality through all of this. Well, and Rider too oddly enough! And my deep hope and constant prayer is that they will grow up loving, respecting and admiring one another. Yes, I expect them to fight and wrestle and for Cruz to tease Rider and for feelings to be hurt. I expect punching, pinching, tripping and spitting. (To which they can expect timeouts amongst other punishments! Ha!). But I don’t live in a fantasy world here. But I DO want them to be friends. Best friends.

I know they’re young. I’ll give it time before I frantically panic over this. But it IS a deep desire of my heart. It’s hard for me to understand why Cruz hasn’t warmed up to Rider yet. Sometimes he’s interested. But mostly he’s not.


It’s on the LONG list of things I’m praying about and trying not to worry about.

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