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Bronchitis visit my child again - Part 2

Posted Aug 26 2008 3:30pm

Bronchitis visit my child again - Part 2

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Oh no, now my younger son has it. Binbin is well-know among my family and relatives as a super strong boy. His immunity system is so strong that he hardly falls sick even when he is playing together with a group of sick children for a days. He is almost the opposite of his elder brother. Binbin just don’t fall sick that easily!

At times when he really does get a little runny nose, without medication he would fight off the problem over a night rest. Doctors hardly get the chance to earn money from him…*wink*.

I have a strong feeling that its due to breastfeeding. You know, all the nutrients that come from the breast-milk, there’s simply no substitute. Complete breastfed him for the first 6 months only and I could see such a big difference between him and his elder brother, who had a mixture of breast-milk and formula milk. My supply couldn’t build up fast enough to match his speed of growth, so I stopped after 2 months and put Keatkeat solely on formula milk.

In the past, when Keatkeat has his bronchitis “relapse”, Binbin would be perfectly fine, even though Keatkeat may forget to cover his mouth when he cough at times. But this time, Binbin lost the battle. He is coughing too. It makes his voice huskier than it already is. Poor Binbin.

Anyway, I have confidence in him, I know he will pull through……

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