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Bribery and Thanksgiving–an unlikely combo but it worked!

Posted Jan 23 2013 10:35pm

I’m such a sucker at times… tonight putting the Sophers to bed. She starts telling me all the things she’s thankful for and I’m falling for it. I’m thinking this child is so full of thanksgiving that we’re going to be here all night long.

And that’s exactly what she was hoping for.

Because you see, she’s afraid of monsters behind her story tub at night.

This one……

Okay really now, can you blame her? It’s a little freaky to have an old timey tub in your room filled with stuffed animals. But it’s never been a problem until the last few weeks.

So I’m laying on her bed with her right before we pray and she’s waxing eloquent about all the things she’s thankful for and after about the seventh body part I figured out her stalling method. She had just talked about how thankful she was for her bed, and the bed frame. I thought that was a little strange but you know, that really is something to be thankful for so I didn’t think much about it. She gets to being thankful for her eyes and legs and elbows and on it goes.  But how do you tell your scared six year old that she has to stop thanking God. You don’t. You just wait until she runs out of things to say. So I waited. And waited. And finally she was finished.

It was sweet, even though I knew I had been suckered, but I was ready to go to bed.

And that’s when she looks at me and said, “Now it’s your turn, Mom!”

I rattled off a few things and she didn’t count the ones she had already spoken – the elbow, head, eyeballs and ears didn’t count so I had to come up with new ones. And I did.

And somehow that little act of thanksgiving and prayer made her heart at peace and the monsters behind the tub were never mentioned.

Never underestimate the power of thanksgiving.

okay, and a bribe.

I’ll be honest….. I did bribe her earlier this week that if she slept in her bed all week she’d get a prize on Saturday morning.  I know!!!! Bad parenting. Whatever Ezzo-ites - it has worked! That and being audibly thankful for like 43 body parts and random stuff you look around and see. It has gotten her out of her brother’s top bunk and back in her own bed and sleeping beautifully at night.

Who says a thankful bribe can’t do any good every now and then? Ha! Ha!

So uh, I’ll let you know how it goes after she tears into the prize on Saturday.

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