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Breastfeeding with Confidence tip 5-Rest

Posted Sep 29 2008 9:11pm

Breastfeeding with Confidence tip 5-Rest

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Mummy must have enough rest. I understand that there are bound to be alot of visitors for happy occasions like these, especially if this is your first baby. However, it would be better to limit visitors to allow more nursing opportunities.

Mothers and babies should learn how to sleep in the same rhythm. Thus, when the baby starts waking for a feed, the mother will also start to wake up naturally. The baby would normally shows signs before he starts crying that he is ready to feed.

His breathing may change or he may start to stretch. The mother, being in light sleep, will wake up, her milk will start to flow and the calm baby will be content to nurse. The amount of rest you have do affect the supply of your milk.

I remember there were a few days when Keatkeat was sick and I had to take extra time to take care of him. Binbin did not feed as well as he usually does, he would want to feed more often then usual and my breast gets emptied faster. Yet this was just a matter of a few days of less rest.

A baby who has been crying for some time before being tried on the breast may refuse to take the breast even if he is super hungry. Mothers and babies should be encouraged to sleep side by side in hospital. This is a great way for mothers to rest while the baby nurses, especially when you are nursing using the ‘lying down’ position. Breastfeeding should be relaxing and enjoyable, not tiring and frustrating.

Please, leave the household chores to your husband, get him to play his part to show his support in your duty to breastfeed. At this moment, really want the world to know how blessed I am to have Allan as my husband.

So did you have enough rest?

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