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Breastfeeding Secrets Revealed!

Posted Oct 02 2008 6:29pm

After giving birth to four babies, I thought I knew everything there was to know about breastfeeding. Boy, was I wrong! After watching the Simply Breastfeeding DVDs, published by, I now wish I could have a “do-over” when it comes to breastfeeding my boys. Although I had few problems with my first two boys, I had a difficult time with my last two, who were twins. It seemed like I didn’t have enough milk, which I attributed at the time to my “advanced maternal age” (39). And, unfortunately, my doctor didn’t have a clue about how to help me. I ended up breastfeeding for a much shorter time than I wanted and supplementing with formula. Now that I’ve seen the Simply Breastfeeding DVDs, I know there were a lot of things I could have tried before giving up.

These DVDs should be required viewing for every expectant couple. (And, yes, fathers-to-be are also encouraged to watch because there are many ways in which they can help their wives achieve breastfeeding success.) The first DVD covers the benefits of breastfeeding, both for the baby (better immunity, higher IQ, bonding, etc.) and for the mother (weight control, less expensive, lower cancer risk, etc.). Although you may think you’re already sold on the idea of breastfeeding, these benefits are important to know because, when you encounter breastfeeding problems down the road, they will inspire you to be persistent and keep trying. Part I also covers topics such as how much milk your baby really needs (I was amazed at the small size of a newborn’s stomach) and how your milk comes in.

The second DVD gets into the “how” of breastfeeding: how to position your baby, how to get a good latch, how to prevent nipple soreness, and more. It made me realize why the “football hold” that I used with my twins may not have been the most ideal position for them. And I never thought about how important it is to make sure the baby’s head is pointing up so he can breathe and swallow properly!

Simply Breastfeeding ’s instructor, Shari Criso, MSN, CNM, IBCLC, a certified nurse midwife and board certified lactation consultant, points out that almost all women can achieve breastfeeding success by using this method. It’s unfortunate that too many women become frustrated and give up on breastfeeding too early because they don’t have the information that’s contained in these DVDs.

I won’t be having any more babies, so you now have the opportunity to win this wonderful DVD set. If you’re an expectant or new mother, or want a terrific gift for someone else, you’ll definitely want Simply Breastfeeding. To win, just log on to and come back here by October 15, 2008, to comment on something you learned while on the site. A winner will be randomly selected from among the comments posted (one entry per person, please).

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