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Breastfeeding Princess Sati

Posted Jan 14 2013 1:24pm

Yes, at 3, she is still breastfed. And I was often asked, you still have milk? Of course, she wouldn’t be feeding if I have none. So how do we do it? How come we still have milk?

Well, we know (or breastfeeding moms know) that as long as the breast is stimulated, it will produce milk. That’s the main reason of course, but there are times that milk production is low and that’s when I have to strive hard in order to produce more. Stress is the main cause why I have low production sometimes. She suffers and I do too. It’s painful when there is less milk.

I cannot take away the stress (that’s part of me haha) but what I do to increase my milk production is to eat and drink food that can help me with it. I stay away from food that can affect my production and hydrates myself very well. I have learned that in order to produce more milk, you need to hydrate yourself well. And yes malungay helps a lot.

When it comes to ensuring that we are both getting the nutrients we need, I make sure I take Anmum Lacta daily. It is the only milk specially formulated for breastfeeding moms like me.

Anmum Lacta boost our daily intake of  Gangliosides – which promote child’s brain cell connections. It also contains Sialic Acid and Essential Fatty Acids, both building blocks for child’s brain. So it is very important for moms to take Anmum Lacta daily, specially for moms who just gave birth. Don’t worry mommies, it will not take a toll on your post partum weight.. with reduced fat and lactose, it is low on calories.

Anmum really takes care of us moms, pregnant and even after we gave birth.. what more, Anmum is reaching out more moms through their Facebook Page: Anmum Mommy Circle . A place where moms can celebrate and share the joys of being mom, a place where moms can ask for advice and interact with other moms. Anmum has an in house nutritionist that moms can also ask. If you haven’t liked the Anmum page, just click the link above and be ready to meet other moms like you.



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