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Breastfeeding Advice: Don’t Buy Nursing Bras and Tops

Posted May 18 2010 12:00am
Photo by christyscherrer Nursing bras and tops aren't necessary

Nursing bras and tops aren't necessary

Inspired by a series we featured last year called Baby Essentials That Aren’t , I decided to share my thoughts on the necessity of nursing bras and tops.  When it came time to buying breastfeeding and baby paraphernalia, I was quite prudent with my purchases. I didn’t want to acquire things I wouldn’t really use or would have a short life of usage, hence I forewent the nursing bras and tops.

This advice may not apply to you if you are a large chested woman, but I found that a normal organic cotton bra was the best thing for nursing. It is important not to wear underwire bras when nursing, as they can cut off milk ducts and cause plugs.  Cotton is the best material, as it is breathable and will maintain proper breast health when nursing.  I looked at nursing bras in stores and even tried them all, but I really didn’t see the convenience of the drop down flap versus simply lifting my bra up.  In fact, the best thing to do when lounging at home is to go braless and give those girls a chance to breath when lactating.

After labor, your body changes.  First comes nine months of growing, then it’s time for nine months of shrinking!  This ever changing body size is another reason I found nursing bras and tops unnecessary.  I continued to wear the dreaded maternity clothes until my other clothes (or my partner’s wardrobe) fit.  Lifting up my shirt to nurse provided enough privacy, as I never wore anything tight fitting during this time.  Over the course of two and half years of nursing, I still never felt the need to buy a nursing wardrobe.  Even though I spent five years total nursing, it still seemed like an extra, unneeded expense to buy special attire.  Besides, nursing tops just aren’t that fashionable.

Save your money and forego the nursing tops and bras.  Instead, buy yourself a good organic cotton bra that you will continue to wear when your nursing days are over.  Nursing tops don’t really offer the discretion you might think, and if you feel uncomfortable with public displays of breastfeeding, then you can always use a baby blanket without extra expense.

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