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Breastfeed with confidence tip 3-Latching

Posted Aug 26 2008 10:37am

Breastfeed with confidence tip 3-Latching

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Matin was breastfed for 1 full year. I wanted to do that for Binbin too, but because of the nature of my work, I had to stop when he was 6 months old. From my failure in breastfeeding Keatkeat, I am already very pleased that I breastfed Binbin completely for 6 months without any formula.

Latching on correctly. A baby who drinks well will not be on the breast for hours at a time. Thus, if he seems frustrated during nursing, one of the reason may be he is not getting little or no milk, this is usually because he is not latching on well.

You can see the video showing how to latch on correctly. Bear this in mind, never bring your breast to the baby, always bring the baby to your breast. Make sure the baby’s mouth is opened wide before you ‘press’ him to your breast.

Don’t worry that you may pull him too close and cause suffocation, he will signal you if you really did, bringing him in, as close as possible helps to ensure that he gets the nipple and all or most of the areola into his mouth. When the baby is latched on properly, your nipple should not be painful.

Try to get some professional help, such as a lactation specialist. In the hospital, you can ask if a lactation consultant or a nurse who is knowledgeable about breastfeeding can observe your technique. Keep practising, don’t give up. It took me 4 weeks before I was confident in it.

I was quite a pain in the butt during my 3 days stay in the hospital *guilt*, I made sure that the nurse watch my position, my technique at every feed. For such thing, its harder to get it right by just reading words and looking at pictures.

If you leave the hospital before receiving any guidance, make sure that someone with breastfeeding expertise evaluates your technique. I was also extremely lucky to have an experience cousin, Matin’s mummy, to fall back on whenever I face problem.

For most Chinese, they find it embarrassing to ask about such thing because we consider our breast as a private part too. But I have come to the point whereby I know that no-question-ask = no-solution-to-the problem. So why bother so much about the Chinese culture, just ask!

There are lots of breastfeeding organisations out there ever ready to answer all the questions pertaining to breastfeeding. If you are really so phone shy, then email me at I will be extremely happy to help.

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