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BrandLet: Brand Names for $19.95 and Under!

Posted Oct 18 2008 11:13am

This is absolutely amazing first off.. I said first off! Now let me tell you all about this absolutely amazing find that I can guarantee you will be book marking at the end of the post post. Do you know why I can guarantee it. Because I already have bookmarked this. It is that freaking fabulous people. Now I love shopping. So much that I was at the mall yesterday from 1-3pm browsing and was annoyed the ridiculously overpriced items for crap quality. I spent 3 hours there and ended up buying an over priced pair of boots, a pair of skateboard wheels for Fil and amazing face products from sephora. Did I buy any clothes? No. Why because Lane Bryant’s store right now sells nothing. I couldn’t find anything in there that did not look bedazzled. I mean seriously do plus size women just go OMG BEDAZZLE ME! No they don’t so it is so hard to find nice clothes at a lower cost.

I managed to find something that gets us a little more there. Brandlet is an an amazing Women’s Brand Name Clothing for Under $20! They have their price mark set at $19.95. So because of this they are limited on the styles and sizes but I have to say I have found some plus sizes, petites, averages, longs/talls, and just amazing over all finds. If I were to list it all this would be a ridiculously long article and you honestly would not believe me.

Now let me get to the even better part. Oh, I know just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get better it does. They have freaking $1 deals! One item is listed every day at a dollar and it will stay that price tag for that day until that item is sold out!

The entire site has a flat shipping fee of $7.95 so you can buy galore and not have to pay extra for shipping. (P.S. they also have a kids site!!)

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