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Botox Clinic

Posted Nov 02 2011 2:31am

Today Violet had Botox Clinic.

This was the first time in a long time for her arm/elbow/hand as we have been concentrating on her leg/foot for so long, so she could receive maximum Botox into those areas.

She fasted so well and finally had her injections around 2.30pm. She did not require any pre-med! She wanted to take off her dressings herself and the main cry was because she had to lay on the bed. She was a champ!!

Think she has had to use that nitrous mask so much during her post op debriding of her pressure sore that she is dare I say it "getting used to it"? Having Botox every 6 months since the age of 2 didn't do it, but the constant months of this years post op care!

Well, regardless I was stoked and so happy that it was less traumatic for her and in turn me!

Botox clinic follow-up 30th November.
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