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Born Free Sippy Cups Are the Perfect BPA, Phthalates and PVC Free Cups

Posted Jun 06 2009 11:48pm


Although I really loved the idea and the look of a stainless steel sippy cup {like the Foogo}; EC did point out that they would probably maim someone should it be used as a missile by an upset toddler. Case in point, I got whacked in the head with a sippy cup today, but it was the BPA free Born Free sippy cup so it didn’t maim, just hurt for a second. We are a Born Free fanatics here. We used to have the Born Free baby bottle {although ours was glass}, then we got the Born Free pacifier, and now we are using the Born Free sippy cups. I love this sippy cup.

Born Free is a company that is well known to provide safe and workable solutions to baby feeding. They are thoughtfully made with the baby in mind. It’ is designed well for convenience and best of all; it’s all BPA free. Another case in point, additional drinking sprouts can be purchased so if one wears thin because of a teething baby {like ours}; just replace the sprout and not the entire cup.

Other reason why you may love Born Free Sippy Cup

  • It’s light weight. Great for wee babies who are just learning to hold objects in their hands. Foogo weighed a ton… and like I mentioned… could be deadly if thrown or hit with.
  • Sprout is interchangeable so you have the soft sprout for the under a year old baby. Once your baby is ready to graduate to training cups; there’s a hard sprout to replace it with. More economical, hygienic, and just makes sense.
  • Ergonomically designed with so your baby can hold the sippy cup with ease.
  • It has an inner valve and vent for flow control {almost all Born Free drink containers comes with this valve}. Not totally convinced this is neccesary, or if it works. However, it is a nice feature.
  • BPA free plastic, dishwasher safe, and just kid safe.
  • At $10 a pop, it’s an affordable option.

It comes in cool colors like Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue. My personal favorite is Orange which is more like Melon. While I still do appreciate the stainless steel sippy cup, after getting whacked in the head; I am more inclined towards BPA free plastic sippy cups. If that is what you are looking for. Born Free is it, hands down.

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