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Born Free declared March Colic Awareness Month: Giveaway

Posted Mar 07 2012 8:42pm

Colic is real and it affects an estimated 20% of newborns in the United States, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. I never thought we would experience colic. We were blessed with a preemie who already had some medical conditions with reflux, GI issues and breast-feeding, I just knew we would be spared the colic adventures. I was wrong. One night my daughter cried for three hours straight. Her crying would last from 6pm to 9pm without anyway to console her. We tried:

*Gripe Water
*Belly Bouncing
*Warm Baths
*Different Formulas/Bottles

Nothing helped. Our colic adventures lasted twelve weeks. I say, “ours” because the entire house was affected by our baby having colic. I was blessed to have a husband who helped out and would take shifts to give me a break. I have heard of households where a baby has colic in the middle of the night for 5-6 hours. I am glad we did not experience the late night colicky stage, but I know it can happen. I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and the thoughts of colic actually scares me especially with having a toddler to take care of. Dr. Greene has 10 tips to reduce colic and how to deal with fussiness while breast-feeding.

There was a recent survey conducted by Clarity Research on 100 moms with colicky babies. Results of the survey showed that parents of colicky babies feel overwhelmed and stressed, experience severe strain on their marriages, and were often confused about best practices on soothing their babies. Findings include:

-Nearly one in five said that having a baby with colic almost led to a divorce.
-More than 1/3 responded that having a baby with colic made them doubt whether they wanted another baby.
-More than 1/3 said that having a baby with colic greatly contributed to their post-partum depression.
-Nearly 3/4 revealed that they felt as if they were failing as a parent when they were not able to make their baby feel better.

I understand the strain colic can have on a household. Not only was I a first time mother of a preemie with some minor health conditions, I was also experiencing postpartum depression myself. I encourage mothers and fathers to have a support system during the colicky stages. If at all possible, take a date night, recruit grandmothers and friends to give you a break for a few hours, and always try to take care of yourself.

Born Free, a leader in juvenile feeding products, has declared March Colic Awareness Month. I believe having a month dedicated to colic awareness will help parents who are struggling with current colicky babies and educate parents to be on the do’s and don’ts with colic. Born Free which was acquired by Summer Infant in March 2011 actually has bottles clinically designed to reduce colic and gas. The Active Flow Venting Technology of Born Free bottles is a two-part venting system modeled after a mother’s natural milk flow in order to reduce the amount of air ingested when compared to other bottles. The goal is to offer babies a calm feeding experience.

Born Free is generously giving away the Classic Bottle Gift Set to one lucky reader of Pajama Mommy, in honor of Colic Awareness Month. I had the opportunity to review the set myself and am extremely pleased in the natural aspect of the Born Free bottles. We did not have the opportunity to use Born Free bottles with our first child, but will be using them with our baby boy. We want to be fully prepared in every way possible for the colicky stage by having a natural choice in feeding with Born Free bottles.

The winner will win one Classic Bottle Gift set (Valued at $65) and the set will include:

3 -5 oz. Classic Bottles
3- 9 oz. Classic Bottles
3- Level 3 Silicone Nipples
1- Formula Dispenser
1 – Twister Bottle Brush Set

-Natural Milk Flow, controlled by baby for an experience closer to breastfeeding
-Naturally Fuss Free, ActiveFlow™ Venting Technology clinically designed to reduce colic symptoms
-Naturally Safe, free from BPA and PVC
-Premium, durable material that is ideal for sterilization
-Dishwasher Safe

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Disclosure: I did receive the Born Free Classic Bottle Gift Set free in order to try the product and form an opinion for this review. I was not compensated in any other manner. The opinions expressed above are my own any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.

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