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Bored, Bored, Bored

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:32pm
This is a clip from the British comedy "The Young Ones" - It aired in the US on MTV back in the 80's. This show was so totally irreverent and absolutely hilarious! Warning: Mild Violence.... Vivian is bored, he's trying to find something to do!...

My little Lauren somehow at six (and a half, as she informs me) thinks that everything in life should somehow be exciting. Nothing in her little pink world should be in the least bit boring or uneventful.... hmmmm.....

I remember very distinctly being bored when I was a kid and had to do things my parents were doing. I, however, knew that that it was just the way is was and I don't remember complaining (remember is the key word here). I try over and over again to inform Lauren that " ya'know, sometimes, life is just that way.... boring" and she'll just have to get used to it. Nope, she has no patience whatsoever for anything that even remotely "bores" her. Shall I make a short list of what "bores" Lauren.... Grocery Shopping, Shopping for anyone except her, Playing anything at home that does not include art supplies, a computer or the Wii. Luckily, school is not on her "boring" list, however, lately she's thinking maybe gymnastics is getting boring (she actually thinks her coach makes her work too hard).

Yep, Little Miss Lauren already thinks life is boring.... at just six and a half - go figure!

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